Ocyra's darkness

Walking through misty fog, I turn around and reach

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This is me,
my own,
my thoughts,
my wishes,
my own words.

I am dreaming... dreaming awake... dreaming of that special spirit place.
My hands are reaching forward, getting a feeling of the air in this dimension.
I am flying.

Coming face to face with you requires no traveling. I focus on you and I am with you.
The fog from your spirit bubble is clearing along my path to be closer to you.
Your eyes are closed but you are not sleeping.
The awareness of me being here is alerted by your spirit, for my spirit has met yours before.
Physical world has no place here, emotions and feelings are rulers here.

Trying hard to let my emotions free, they have been locked for far too long.
They are reaching the surface and my physical body is contracting with the effort.
Like waking up from the deep sleep, they run happily towards you.
And I am happy too, to help you with my love.
However your spirit decides to present them to you I am happy.

This intense feeling... I do not want to name it here, they have no expressible representation in this physical dimension.
I know I am happy to be of use to you so use me.
I know I require noting in return from you, this feeling is putting on edge.
I know I do not want you to see me releasing so I will pull away for now.

I do not dare to say the words I said to you anywhere else. They are yours.
As I give the ownership of them to you, I give myself wholly too.
I require noting from you. I expect noting from you.
Love and security I require I learned to produce myself.

You are my dream, you are my inspiration.
I hope the One that awaits me in the future can provide a little of that which you have provided me with, whether knowingly or unknowingly.
I want to continue to support you spiritually, it gives me the greatest joy while awaiting the One in the future in physical dimension.

Japanese car makeres and manufakturers (Checked 12th moth 2011)


Croatian market
YarisUrban Cruiser
Japanese market (number of models in category)
Sedan (15)
Wagon (6)
Mini Wagon (10)
2BOX (10)
Sport Utility Vehilcle (8)
Business (17)
Light Motor Vehicle (3)


Croatian market
JazzCivicCivic 4VCivic Hybrid
Civic Type SCivic Type RAccordAccord Tourer
Japanese market (number of models in category)
Hybrid (6)
Mini (6)
Compact (3)
Sedan (3)
Wagon (1)
SUV (2)
Light Motor Vehicle (5)
Busines (3)
Vehicle for disabled person/assistive vehile (1)
Electric Automobile (1)
Selling until now (1)


Croatian market (category)
Micra (city)Note (city)Juke (Crossover)Qashqai (C –II-)Qashqai+2(C–II-)
Murano (C –II-)370Z (sport)X-Trail (4x4)Pathfiner (4x4)Navara (4x4)
Japanese market (number of models in category)
EV (1)
Compact (5)
Light Motor Vehicle (5)
Mini Wan (6)
Sports & SUV (8)
Sedan (6)


Croatian market
Grand Vitara
Japanese market (number of models in category)
Special Specefication (10)
Light Vehicle (10)
Compact (10)
Light Business (5)
Vehicle for disabled person (4)

Croatian market
Mazda MX-5
Mazda CX-7
Mazda BT-50
Japanese market (number of models in category)
Compact (4)
5 Door Sprots & 4 Door Sedan (4)
Mini Wagon (5)
Sports (7)
Light Motor Vehicle (5)
Business (5)
Vehicle for disabled persons (8)



Croatian market
ColtLancer SportBackLancer Evolution
PajeroL 200I-MIEV
Japanese market (number of models in category)
Electric Car (2)
SUV (5)
Mini Wan (5)
Compact (5)
Sedan / Wagon (3)
Light Motor Vehicle (11)
Business (5)

Croatian market
B9 Tribeca
Impreza WRX STI
Forester 2.OT-D
Japanese market (number of models in category)
Wagon (4)
Sedan (3)
Mini Wagon (1)
Compact (1)
SUV (3)
Sport (2)
Light Motor Vehicle (7)
Business (3)
Vehicle for disabled persons (1)

Credit goes to all respected companies mentioned in this post

I will be posting a more detailed list of all this so stay tuned. :))

My future plan for livejournal
Well hello there everybody

I haven't been posting for a while I know. Since I deleted all my songs from lj.
I've been having this idea of posting once a week in my head for some time.
And I've also been thinking if will lock it for friends only or will everything be public.
And since I don't know what I will be posting, or should I say, what will be the content of my posts, I will always have time to change whatever I post, depending on the mood.

I will probably be adding a lot of randomness in it, or maybe commit to do reviews of dramas or movies I watch or have Japanese reminders here. There are a lot of subjects I'm interested in that deserve the attention.

I'll be going now, so take care.
And do look forward to updates.


My songs
I am just going to leave a note that i should have left when i did it
I deleted all my songs that i have posted here 'cause of copyright reasons
(no one even read or commented or found them(even through i am active on some communities, no one bothered to look at my journal...))
i deleted at the posts that contained my songs and they are not coming back up
thank you for your understanding
i still haven't decided yet what i will post here since i have several other blogs on some other sites but you will see with time
have a nice day/night

My name
ヴァレンティーナ is my name

Writer's Block: Making a better day
If you were given one magic wish to improve the world, for what would you wish?

I would wish that everyone will experience at least one true love in their life

Pictures in Zg
Here are some pictures from Zagreb: Click hereCollapse )

Writer's Block: Roamin'
If you were going on a week-long vacation to a tropical paradise and could only take five items, what would you bring?

My glasses

Writer's Block: No regrets
If you could eliminate one emotion (anxiety, sadness, jealousy, regret, etc.), would you do it? Why or why not? If so, which one would you choose?

I woulnd't want to eliminate any emotion, bechause then, that wouldn't be me.
We are all huma, and are given wounderful thing called emotions
I would never want to give that away

Reason for not posting
Ok, it has been 3 months since my last post
I have been writing since then but due to lazyness didn't post
Now, I am just scared that someone will steal them and make them their own when they are not
They are mine and no one elses
I have great deal of songs stored
There are some really good ones
I learned a lot and experimented a lot and it has been really productive 3 months
Now, I'm not sure if I will post them or just keep them stored and wait for a better feeling of the world
I have been thinking for a good while now, to start already making music for them
I will try to pick one with and see where it goes... IF it goes anywhere
That would be a really good start
Well, one thing is for sure: I will never stop writing
Soon, there will be a year anniversity since I started writing constantly, meaning more or less song a week
I have wrote before but not so intense like this
One year... I can feel major progress in it since I started and I'm really glad for tips from a fried
Ya, so that's it...
See ya     (maybe)


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